About Our New Curriculum

TEACH Multimedia is excited to offer our new Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum. This curriculum features twenty 50-minute online lessons that teach your students how to create, produce and publish their original stop-motion animation stories. Each online lesson features 50-minutes of instruction and practice on an important skill area. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of the production process from pre-production through post-production. Along the way, your students build skills that are critical for 21st Century success:

  • Visual and multimedia communication skills
  • skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Influencing others through story
  • Fluency in using digital media
  • Creativity and innovation


Two to three students work together in story teams to conceive an original story, create a script, and record and edit the audio and visual elements needed to produce their stories. The twenty lessons cover a wide range of skill areas including:

  • Story creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Collaboration
  • Scriptwriting
  • Character development
  • Character dialog
  • Audio capture
  • Photo & video capture
  • Audio & video editing
  • Animation technology
  • Chroma key technology
  • Special effects/Sound effects
  • Post-production techniques

      …and many more

Each lesson includes multimedia learning content that is interactive and engaging. Students follow up each lesson with hands-on, experiential application to their team’s stop-motion animation story project. At the end of the course, story teams screen their finished productions to the rest of the class.

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Students Learn Valuable Skills

Story Creation
Script Writing
Character Development
Character Dialog
Audio Capture
Photo & Video AnimationTechnology
Chroma Key Technology
Special Effects
Sound Effects
Post-Production Techniques

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Lessons include these
learning activities

  • 50-minute 1-to-1 online tutorials

  • Pre tests

  • Post tests

  • Team activities

  • Hands on, experiential learning activities

  • Hands on, experiential learning activities

  • Something Extra – suggestions for deeper exploration opportunities


Why Teach Multimedia? Curriculum that Engages

The Teach Multimedia Curriculum Program covers nine multimedia skill areas and gives students real-world life and work skills that will enable graduates to get good-paying jobs right out of high school! TV Studio Production Skills; Plan, Record, and Edit; Social Media; Digital Graphics; and Stop-Motion Animation are some of the skills covered. Available curriculum can be downloaded or accessed through the Teach Multimedia Online Academy—digital learning conveniently out-sourced.

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